We are about support...not statistics.

The Gray Matters Foundation supports children, adults and families. Learn more about our mission.

The Gray Matters Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to support and empower brain tumor patients and their loved ones through encouragement and personal outreach.

We are a community of caring people – Brain Buddies – who think that brain tumors stink!

If you are here, you might be a brain tumor patient or a family member, loved one or friend of someone with a brain tumor. You might be interested in learning more or helping others.

Welcome to the Gray Matters Foundation. Here we share information, give honor and recognition to our heroes and recruit more Brain Buddies for the fight against brain tumors. We welcome you and invite you to learn more about us and our vision, our plans and our goals.

You Brain Buddie,


Ways You Can Help


Make a general donation or donate in honor of or in memory of a loved one. Each donation helps sustain our mission to spread awareness about brain tumors.

Tell your Story

Stories have the power to inspire, encourage and comfort others. Read our Brain Buddie stories or contact us to share your personal brain tumor story.


The biggest (and easiest) thing you can do to help is by spreading awareness about brain tumors. Connect with us on social media to get started and join our events.

Join the Brain Buddies

Brain Buddies are brain tumor survivors, family and friends, caregivers, doctors, nurses and others, all coming together to support one another and raise awareness for brain tumors. Become a Brain Buddie today!

News & Stories

Stinky monkey feet

By Lanette | December 27, 2017

. My car has a leak UGH! Arrived at dealership checked in and started my wait. My “IF ONLY FOR ONE” begins. I see this little boy who I now know is Max. He was hanging out with his mom…

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Keeping Record

By Lanette | December 22, 2017

If you have followed my journey, or if I have visited you on your journey you know I am an advocate for keeping your records. Having your medical information within reach is vital. I suggest creating 2 books one for…

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Gray Matters Basket Raffle Fundraiser 2017

By Lanette | October 1, 2017

Hi guys, we are so excited to announce the date for the basket raffle this year which will be held on Saturday Oct 27th, 2017! We have another BIG change to announce as well. Our event has grown so much…

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