Meet my friend Matthew Fullerton

Today I want you to know about my friend Matthew Fullerton. He will celebrate 30 years surviving GBM.  I think His tells his survival  story best here is that link I met Matthew at an event in 2000 but would not really become friends until attending the Florida Brain Tumor conferences EVERY YEAR  from 2001 on.  Matthew is the true definition of MEMORYMAKER .  Matt took photo’s at all our events and if you didn’t realize it you would when you got to see his masterpieces aka his SCRAP BOOKS.  He took the photos and created true memorymakingmoments that I would learn very quickly would have to  last a lifetime.  It was so awesome because he would create online photo books and  would bring the hard copy photo albums at the next event for all of us to see.  It was the best.    Some people ask “Isn’t it sad to look at those books and see so many gone?”  I say NOPE!  just the opposite What a blessing to have those books to remember LIFE LIVED the good times.  Matt always makes you laugh and listens when you need to cry but don’t be fooled he will tell you like it is ( ask any of those who spend a little time with him ).   Watch out !  Mess with those he cares about , specifically his brain buddies and your TOAST!!!!     I wanted you to know about Matt because in the midst of what could have taken him down he has used it to encourage many all over the world.  To know Matthew is to love Matthew.  I am so glad to call him my friend. & he says it best KEEP ON KEEPING ON