30yr Medulloblastoma Survivor brainbuddie Steve Westerhoff

Today we want to tell you about Steve Westerhoff.  Steve is a 30 year survivor of Medulloblastoma.  He was diagnosed  in 1987 with a pediatric brain tumor while attending college.  He explains that being told he had a brain tumor caused some life changes.  Steve endured surgery and radiation down his spine.  He and his family were given  terrible statistics and on with life he went.  He clearly beat the odds.  Steve is a huge part of why the Local support group is here today.  He works at the hospital and while working would cross paths of those on the same journey and invite them to participate in  group.  In the early days of the group when it was not funded by donors Steve organized the monthly potluck so attendees would have snacks and drinks.  Steve didn’t stop there.  He was very involved in different events in the valley involving BRAIN TUMOR AWARENESS.  The tumor he was diagnosed with was typically a pediatric brain tumor so he was very passionate about helping peds and was involved for many years with the Local  Pediatric Ride For Kids events.  He was asked to speak at several of the events.  If you have ever met Steve then you know he has a heart of gold.  He encourages all those he meets.   Steve has helped with GRAY MATTERS FOUNDATION on numerous occasions making sure others know we are here to support and encourage the families on their BT journey.  He wears his turtle shirt with PRIDE and tells the world what he thinks Brain Tumors Stink.  We can always count on him to help with #BTAM events.   We appreciate Steve and with Brain Buddies like himmore families will feel cared for and supported.  Thank you STEVE for all you do.