Birthday Month 2016 comes to a close & until next July

I first want to thank all of my brain buddies & family who helped me celebrate my birthday and once again created a month filled with memory making moments that will last a life time. Thank you to all of my Face Book Buddies who throughout the month sent me some very kind wishes. I started my birthday with a trip to Chicago. I tagged along with my husband while he attended a business meeting and we extended the stay for a long weekend and celebrated the start of my birthday. When I returned my dad and I kept our annual traditon which is to share a breakfast on our birthday’s just the two of us. It’s a great time to share some “daddy daughter” time. The most important part to me is keeping up with a tradition creating many memory making moments. I have to mention an unspoken tradition I have grown to look forward to. I always receive a card from my dear brain buddies Kent and Jeanette and also John Davis. Through the years it’s always fun to see which will arrive first. I met both families because they were affected by brain tumors and now they have become cherished friendships. It’s very sweet that they remember me and I get a birthday card to help celebrate. This year two of my besties for over 30 years Lolita and Shellie were able to share a girls staycation with me. We agreed that it’s never to late to start a tradition. We have committed that even if it’s one day ” IF ONLY FOR ONE” it’s a great time to make time and celebrate our friendship. I am so greatful to my husband who gifted us girls with a nice getaway. I was able to spend a night with each one and we reflected on the years of change and growth. Funny birthday’s have a way of helping you regroup on how precious life is. A month although seems like a lot of time didn’t allow for a few more get togethers I have scheduled with my mom and several friends and not to forget my son who reminded me weekly he has been trying to celebrate my day and he didn’t forget. I won’t carry on but I want to share this. I had a conversation with my hubby and we were talking about age and time left in this life. I am the one person who most of you know does not take life for granted. I stopped for a moment and we talked about how long we have known each other and I got teary and I actually am doing it again as I type. The emotional me went down the reality road. Pretty much half my life is complete. No do overs. My kids are adults now , My parents are young but aging ( many friends have had to say good bye to theirs). I have had to say good bye to some of my young and dear family members, really weird my grandma was younger than my parents when she passed , how can that be? I know you know this but I have had to expierence the loss of so many friends. So many I have lost count. Heart breaking. Ok so reality is time is short. It seems even shorter when you are part of a community living with disease. TIME GOES SO FAST NOW!!!! My birthday seems like it was last week. My husband gently reminded me we can’t wrap our arms around time. I said DUH out of anyone I know that. Today this month July 2016 I turned 46. My husband will turn 56 in November. Silly I know this in my mind but my heart just felt the shock of HALF our life is over and what would I do without him by my side. Ok for the sake of not turning this blog into a depressing mess I think you get my point. Ok here is how I brought it down to reality and really MAKE IT COUNT MOMENTS: those crumbs that are on the counter that would aggravate me when he wouldn’t wipe them up after making something well….. I stop I really become in the moment wipe it up look at what probably aggravates him and hey! Time is short no do overs don’t waste time on the stupid stuff. This birthday I knew all this stuff but I have committed to being in the MOMENT! So many buddies have no more opportunities to be in the moment with those they love.
My family all of us are aging. DUH I know that. If we would all just be present in all we do and not focus on the next “THING” I think this world would be so different. Today the close of Birthday Month 2016 I commit to not only create memory making moments but to truly be “IN THOSE MOMENTS” Aware, Appreciating the Moments each day brings. 341 days until my birthday and counting. I am looking forward to all the moments in the days ahead.