Brain Buddie Gives Back: Way To Go, Flo!

Flo “GBM SURVIVOR” is a Brain Buddie who jumped right in to help and give back. She is one of my biggest fans. Flo is not shy about telling anyone and everyone about Gray Matters. I met her at the local AZ support group I facilitate. Flo is a giving soul and was eager to give back and help others. She felt she was beating something meant to beat her, and it will not win!  She is 8 years out with GBM 4.   After receiving a few cards and goodies from Gray Matters it was clear she wanted to do the same & became one of our official volunteer.  Flo writes:        “My Army military service was both active duty and reserves from 1971 to 1998 for 27 years of duty. At work one day at BC/BS (medical health coverage) on a Monday I had a bad headache and saw my neurologist and on Wednesday I still had a severe headache and he told me to go to ER. Arriving about 9:00 AM (Phoenix Baptist Hospital), a diagnosis of a brain tumor was confirmed by CT/MRI, by 3:00PM with next day surgery set for 9:00PM. All within 30 hours I had surgery on October 2009. 5-days later the lab confirmed glioblastoma multiform Stage 4. As of October 2014, I have been a 5 year survivor. Participating in Gray Matters Foundation has been and shall always be a blessing to all.”

Flo has been an amazing supporter and Brain Buddie. She has made Gray Matters over 500 cards, and mails them out. She has donated time taking photos for events we participate in and she has committed to keep scrap books for all to see and learn about the foundation.
An example of what an amazing Buddie Flo is:    I just received a package of cards and a book of stamps from a friend Flo met at an appointment at St Joe’s.   The lady  wrote me a personal note, and sent me 20 cards and stamps to cover the cost to mail them. She thanked me for what I do because Flo shared such nice things. Flo is doing exactly what our tag line “IF ONLY FOR ONE” IS ALL ABOUT!

She has rallied her husband Paul (or “what’s his face”, as he likes to call himself) to get involved as well. We are so fortunate that they are able to contribute in so many ways to Gray Matters Foundation. Way to go Flo you are our ONE! You are one OUTSTANDING BUDDIE!

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