David M. Bailey his story continues to share HOPE

David M Bailey my friend, my brain buddie, aka THE DYE HIPPIE FOLK SINGER , HOPE GUY I attached a link to his personal story if you haven’t taken the time to read you need to. DMB “My friend” I met him in 2000 at a NBTF event and after hearing him sing “ONE MORE DAY” I knew there was hope. I would go on to attend annual FBTA conferences each year and became better friends with a small group we called the BRAIN TUMOR BUS. The name was created because on the bus we were well. No sickness, no death only Life, wellness , happiness. The bus carried the cure. Each person had their place and job. Some say HA! FAIRYTALE and maybe so but for that time & place those LOVE THE TIME MOMENTS our BRAIN TUMOR BUS was the place we desired. If you didn’t know DMB I am sorry because you truly missed a huge blessing. The positive to such a deep sad loss , He left a gift for all, His legacy through his music. I had the privilege of helping David for a few years with booking his cancer gigs before the tumor reoccured. That time helping him taught me alot but blessed me so much more. I have always believed God puts me where he needs me and I know that it was right where I was supposed to be when things started to turn. I made david a promise and it was this: I would encourage his family & ALWAYS  keep his legacy alive , tell his story HE LIVED.   Having spent time helping him this would be easy to do. I told him I won’t let people forget His life mattered! His family mattered. I promised not let his story be forgotten. HIS PAIN WOULD NOT BE IN VAIN  http://ow.ly/pZbP300FV6Y