I write this post to wish my beloved brain buddie  a HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY.  A recent post on his fan page encouraged followers to share stories of times you may have shared a cup of coffee with david.  This sparked an idea to celebrate his life lived. Perfect I thought it’s his birthday and a great time to share some coffee and his story with others who may not have known him.  I want his legacy to stay alive because  his pain was not in vain and HOPE LIVES if we SHARE IT.   So to create a special 50th #memorymakingmoment I shared a cup of coffee and his story.  I enlisted my daughter for help:  We handed out gift cards for a cup of coffee and asked people to have a cup of coffee in memory of my friend.   My daughter and I went to our favorite coffee place DUTCH BRO’s. For those who don’t know its a drive up coffee house.   The location we frequent typically has a line at least 5 to 10 cars when busy.  My daughter had the camera ready, I had the gift & post cards and a few cd’s  from when I helped with his tours. I approached the first car:   Hello!  we would like you to have a cup of coffee in memory of my friend.  He would have turned 50 on Friday He had a brain tumor was given weeks to live and lived 14 after being dx with an aggressive brain cancer. He shared HOPE! I wanted to do something to honor his memory.  He loved coffee he wrote songs about it. (I gave them a post card with his photo and cd list) it only made sense to ask others to #DRINKONEFORDAVID. Please enjoy coffee with an angel .  People were so taken back. Some asked what’s the catch ??  There is no catch but one request?  Will  you take a quick photo so we can share with the family & friends that he is not forgotten.   Let me tell you the stories that came out of that day were amazing.  One of  the  first cars,   a girl was so moved. She said we were going to make her cry.  She explained her family member was murdered  over the  weekend &she was having an emotional day. We met a guy who has 2 siblings that battle brain tumors. A mother with her daughter explained they didn’t have a bt but have battled an illness and david’s story was inspiring.  One story that stands out: A young lady  after sharing why we were giving her the coffee and when asked  for the photo  she jumped out of the car hugged me and cried and shared what an amazing story and life he live. She thanked us for sharing.  The day a day filled with hope and and david once again filled the cup of many.