It's more than "just" a chair to me

My amazing relationship and bond with my Grandma  Kirk started many years ago.  I am her second grandchild of 9.  I can recall visits as  a young child to her home when she would baby sit.  I of course remember visits and holidays  like when my parents took us to her neighborhood to trick or treat. Oh how  I remember the love she shared.  I smile just thinking of  her belly laughs.  I remember all the good.   My parents and I lived with my grandma for  2 1/2 years before my parents divorced.   Living with her of course was a great relationship builder for me it couldn’t be  helped.  The  time with my grandma created a special  relationship  different than the others had with her because it allowed me to become very close to her.  She would take me to church with her and to her bible studies and I was even with her when the ladies had their Christmas parties and special get togethers.    I am still friends with my grandma’s best friend Byra who led these groups.  I reconnected with these ladies through Byra.   It was great because all the ladies that new me as a kid shared stories of my grandma and how much I resembled her in appearance and they really loved to see me because I radiated her  kindness.   Something special I learned in attending their studies was Byra had kept the chair my grandma would sit in when she attended the meetings.   It was a casual chair  nothing heavy or super fancy but it was THE CHAIR  my grandma sat in EVERY TIME she was at Byra’s.  The chair was now kept in Byra’s room,  her special reminder of my Grandma.  When I first started visiting Byra and her husband they showed me it.   Bob said when the time is right they want me to have it.   I was so moved and overcome with emotion.   I just couldn’t imagine the chair I sat next to on the floor as a little girl while all the ladies would have their bible study would someday be mine.   I know it sounds trivial ITS JUST A CHAIR right?  I am a firm believer in things are just that ….THINGS  but this chair it has meaning.  The chair she sat in when she would share her heartache ( believe me she shared a lot of personal heartache).  It was the chair she sat  in when she lifted her hearts desires to GOD.   My grandma taught me about what was important. I watched her.  I remember.  I trusted her and she never failed me.  She took me to church and I would someday take my kids to the same place and they would go to the private school there.  She always told me and I never understood then but know now  if you need someone to pray with call Byra she’s dependable.  I used to think OK yeah right grandma.  Then it was that one day in 1992  she was getting ready to have surgery to remove her BT and reminded me if you need prayer call Byra.  Sorta scared me why would I need to call Byra if she was going to be ok.    Guess what six years later me at 28  I was a single mom  diagnosed with Brain Cancer & I went on a mission to do what my grandma said.   Find Mrs Byra.   I found her!  the story unfolded and I am blessed with more memories than I could have dreamed.  This small group of less than 10 beautiful ladies over 17 years later were now my new grandma’s , aunts – Friends  just like my grandma told me.    Now  Sept 15th 2015 would have been my grandma’s 85th birthday  she died 23 years ago so the only connection to  who she was  outside of  a few family members are these ladies who are aging also.   Well Mrs Byra called me last week and asked me if I would pick up the chair.  She didn’t realize it was my grandma’s birthday I think GOD did.  I of course right away asked if everything was ok????  She said yes.   I scheduled the pick up.  I got to visit with my grandma’s best friend and also got the best gift ever.  The Chair .  Byra reminded me that this was the chair my grandma would  sit in EVERY TIME she was at her home.  She wanted to make sure I had it.   SEPT 15 2015  I received a gift and not just a chair!   It was a chair that WAS THERE.   It held the person I loved.  The arms are wooden you can feel where over the years it has been touch.   I have the chair in my extra room with my Bible next to it.   I now go and sit and don’t have to say anything just reflect on the memories.  She touched those arms,  this held her body , her burdens, her love.  It’s not just a chair.  This is a chair that held my grandma when she could be who she was.  She didn’t have to put up walls , she could share heartache and know she would still be loved.  She trusted when she was in this chair, best of all I was blessed to be part of the memory.