My braingls last BLAST

My Beloved Braingl… Christina Price,
I was looking at your photo of you smilin. It’s on my fridg. I was reflecting on the last time we saw each other and talked , smiled shared. I was across the street from the hospital watching fireworks ironically with my neurosurgeon. I knew you and Dakota ( Her daughter ) were up in a hospital room . You were there for another stay, your numerous not feeling well moments. I knew your view was not facing any fireworks and you could not see the beautiful display in the sky so I took Phone pictures to show you. After it was over I had Mike drive me over to the hospital I I ran up for a quick photo show with my phone and showed you the photo’s. I wanted you to see the show. I didn’t want you to miss the fireworks. This was your favorite picture the red one. I miss you my sweet braingl and now when I see the beautiful colors this year The firework show that will be displayed and that will cause a blasts of WONDER AND AWWW I will think of you. I will not be sad I will reflect on the fact that you live a pain free life now. You must feel healthy and whole, RENEWED & the BEAUTIFUL view you have this year. I believe you will expierence the colors the awww the beauty from above. Best of all you are not trapped you are free You get to enjoy the 4th for all it stands for. This 2013 you get FREEDOM feedom from the pain, the struggles to talk the desire to be whole You get to be free and that is what we want for you. Oh we miss you! Never doubt that. I Love you my other wing you are missed deeply but never EVER EVER EVER fotgotten. Love ya girlie…… always and forever my 4th of July will be remembered for the day I had my last BLAST with my braingl! your other wing YOUR Braingl Lanette

We had a blast together