We ended our 2014 GRAY in MAY with a meet & greet @scotts generations a local deli  who graciously hosted our event.  More details on the wonderful turn out but for now a story of EXACTLY why we do what we do.  I never met the Colboune family in person until this event.  We were brain buddies on the phone & email  We met because they had heard about GRAY MATTERS FOUNDATION &  how I help families on this brain tumor journey.  We were excited about meeting and when Carrie and her family walked in the door I knew right away.  She smiled and introduced me to her husband Mario the survivor and her two children.   The day was a meet and greet so we did just that.  I was able to show them up close and personal PHOTO’s of how I have helped children, adults , family & friends effected by this disease.  The photo albums and poster boards showed the events I have been actively part of for over 10 years.  What makes this so important is you get to  see a visual snap shot of what I do.  Some of the photo’s show when I’m with the families in the midst of the journey.  I am in the hospitals visiting.  I sit with them pre surgery ,  I am at funerals  ( yes it’s not just the ups it is the difficult)  that’s what families are supposed to be SUPPORT during the UPS and DOWNS . Gray Matters Foundation is about the support not statistics.   I come along side you to remind you,  your not alone.  I understand ( no two people experience the same pain I get that ) But I relate I have lost a family member and TOO MANY brain buddies!  AND most of all  I know the pain personally  FIVE! surgeries  yep, &  radiation and chemo for a year.  Oh and  given the death sentence  “THE STATS”. That is why we focus on the support.  You have plenty of time to hear and deal with the stats.  If only for one!  If I can bring a light hearted look to this serious subject even for just ONE person ONE day at a time  well I am fulfilling the mission I started many years ago.  So today Mario & his family  walked around and looked at the examples of encouragement and hope and in that they shared how  he was going to celebrate his TWO yr Tumorversary.  Well Perfect! I brought a  celebration gift it must have been just for him : ).  It was a  glass  filled with fun & the  kids liked it to.  I asked them to gather around  & tought them an important part of the tumor journey.  Celebrate Life!  I said now on dad’s TUMORVERSARY it’s very important  whenever mom and dad say it’s ok ( empty all the candy ) then you fill this with soda or whatever they say is allowed and you tell dad it’s time to toast.   You give him a big hug  and you tell him it’s time to celebrate his  TWO and “we are happy to be with you”.   You see that’s what it’s about  we come along side and for just a moment if we can help the kids, families  find the goodness in something that steals so much of their tender time  ….well today  they were my one  and enjoyed TWO!   more on the rest of the day when we get our photos.  Thank you to all those who participated it was an amazing day . And for all my sponsors this is what you do when you help.