Remembering the goodness my Grandma taught me (she has been gone 23yrs today)

August 30th 2015 marks the 23rd anniversary of the night my grandma took her last breath.    I would like to focus on what the day did for me.  I would like to focus on how that night changed my life for the better.  It was this loss,  this moment,  the journey,  the moment in my life that would be my life changer.  Although that night broke my heart I choose to take the power from the three letters GBM ( that is an AGGRESSIVE brain tumor)  that caused her death and focus on the peace.  If you know me you know my faith is 100%  of what gives me my peace my strength.  If you know my story you know I lived with this grandma a good portion of my young life and that her foundation for life was her FAITH.  Knowing her faith was her comfort then you will understand that it was for that reason I was able to find some comfort when dealing with the finality of her death.  It was her reassuring  us, “the family” she would be just fine because when she died she would be in heaven with her Savior.  This was 100% of how she lived.   I choose to keep the memories of how she lived and how she professed to be for eternity as my comfort.  Brain tumors are not a pleasant journey when they decided to go crazy.   23 years ago and the fact she opted for no treatment  after surgery her BT journey was short.   She was diagnosed on Father’s day and approximately 9 weeks later I was watching her take her last breath.  Those days leading up to that evening were such a whirl wind.   I will spare you the family turmoil which that in itself is heartbreaking to say the least.  Families should come together not divide another reason for my passion to share hope, kindness and knowledge about how this disease can destroy more than the patient if not prepared to cope as a TEAM.    I know reading my words , telling you the bits and pieces of my journey only touches the surface.  Pain is personal.  I never want to imply mine is more painful than yours.  Each family copes differently.  The fact is I miss my then 62 year old grandma.   I hope you know I hurt with you when share your pain.  I’m also happy when we celebrate your success, your milestones your TUMORVERSARIES ,  the completion of treatments.  I love it when we are “CELEBRATING” YOU.    I believe in success, Faith &Hope & Love and I sharesupportnotstatistics and believe in what I say because I have seen just as much good even in the sad.   This day 23 years ago sparked something so deep I had no idea then but now I know it created what  I was meant to do in life.   Who could have imagined that my words “I WANT TO BE A VOICE FOR THE CAUSE” six years later would mean I would start a personal journey and experience first hand the pain of brain cancer physically.  7 years after that  I would be the founder and president of a non profit called THE GRAY MATTERS FOUNDATION. I currently communicate with families in 21 countries and just about all 50 states.   So  today  I choose to share the  goodness this journey brought.   Thank you grandma Kirk.  Thank you for the years you taught me so much.  Thank you that when I needed the education most I was prepared.   I encourage all of you reading this  take time to learn in all you expierence.  Slow down and have ears to hear, eyes to see and words to make a difference.  It won’t be perfect but sometimes right in the middle of the pressure  you are being designed for your purpose.   The seed of your success  might be growing and someday you will know that what you are doing is everything you were created to be.  It was that one night 23 years ago that started my walk to find my ifonlyforone and I didn’t even know it.  *PS.   TODAY I WILL CELEBRATE AND ENJOY A DONUT AND COFFEE IN HER MEMORY