Sheryl Shetsky aka BT DIVA founder of FBTA


Today is about My friend, my Brain buddie, Sheryl Shetsky AKA BT DIVA.  She is a   survivor of almost 30 years  diagnosed with a CEREBELLUM BRAINSTEMGLIOMA in 1989.  She tells her story best so here is her link and it is a must read. Our friendship began when my husband and I attended our first FBTA conference on our honeymoon weekend in  January 2001.  The FBTA event was exactly what we needed.  The weekend was filled with breakout sessions loaded with great information and time to connect with others.  We were so excited to learn we weren’t alone.   It sounds crazy but this event taught us about this stuff called SUPPORT.   We had no idea it was out there.  I can remember my main take away listed in DIVA’s TOP TEN my fave is BE PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE.  The association is more than connecting others, they have and continue to raise money for research.   Diva has made a huge impact in the BT world.  She has built coutless relationships in the community , medical  , pharmecutical and much more.  Sheryl get’s things done.  Take a read FBTA donated 500, 000 to Pedicatric research the deets:  UofF.htm I’m sure it seems I  have painted a perfect picture but that is not the case.  Hard work determination Sheryl has overcome ALOT!   She presses on and makes that tumor pay its dues.  Sheryl has taken a journey that for many is nothing but horrific.   Diva has added connection and hope to a cause.  Oh she knows plenty of heartache but is determined to to fund and find a cure.            Our friendship:  Sheryl is a true friend.  It was her guidance and suggestions that have helped me succeed in starting Gray Matters Foundation.  Attending her events opened the door for me to help so many that needed that personal encouragement and support.  When I helped david m bailey with his cancer tours I became even closer friends with Diva.  He performed annually at her events which meant I worked closely with her to make sure the performance details were successful. Through the years our friendship has only become stronger.  We believe that strength is found in TRUST! ,  teamwork   &  collaboration.   She believed in what I did and after I set up GMF non profit status she was one of the first in the BT community to offer us a booth so we could share what we do.   Sheryl and I try to attend an event each year together so we can stay connected and current in the bt community.    Fbta continues to be successful because of the foundation and leadership Sheryl has created. I am greatful to all Diva has given and continues to give.  Please take the time to visit their website link above and like their FB