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19 Years Ago Brain Surgery Began

It was the morning of 9-2-98 Micheal drove me to Barrow and we checked in to pre-op. Some things you never forget.  My dad had given me a shirt that said don’t forget your dad loves you and it had his photo on the front so I made sure I was wearing that so he…

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The Night Before My First Brain Surgery – 18 Years Ago

18 yrs ago tonight I would await  my first brain surgery to take place bright and early in the morning.  Micheal and I  stayed at Hilton Suites  near the hospital to make sure we were set for success in the morning. That evening I sat writing notes & cards for all my friends & family…

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September 2, 1998

Sixteen years ago my life took a completely different turn. On August 12, 1998 I was diagnosed with a baseball size mass. On this day, September 2, 1998, I had it removed, and learned it was a grade 3 Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma. Between then and 2007, I have had 5 surgeries. Before the tumor, I worked…

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