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My Medical "IF ONLY FOR ONE"

AS MOST OF YOU KNOW:  My true brain tumor journey started in 1992 when my grandma was diagnosed and in 9 wks died. My grandma was my first IFONLYFORONE. More about that on my website under my story.   This BLOG  is about my  MEDICALIFONLYFORONE.  It never occurred to me to count the one who…

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My If only for one: Making copies

I haven’t shared my IF ONLY FOR ONE’s in awhile and two days in a row BAM! This story took Place Thursday May 7th 2015. I have to start with a little foreshadowing. I was getting ready for the day and I decided to wear a new top I purchased a few weeks ago. It…

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More stories of THE BRAIN TUMOR JOURNEY to come

Hello Brain Buddies,    I am excited to let you know that I am taking the steps to start communicating more.  I will be posting here through my blog, email and a monthly newsletter.  I will of course be sharing my IF ONLY FOR ONE stories.  If only for one person or family if only…

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