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Sheryl Shetsky aka BT DIVA founder of FBTA

  Today is about My friend, my Brain buddie, Sheryl Shetsky AKA BT DIVA.  She is a   survivor of almost 30 years  diagnosed with a CEREBELLUM BRAINSTEMGLIOMA in 1989.  She tells her story best so here is her link and it is a must read. Our friendship began when my husband and I…

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David M. Bailey his story continues to share HOPE

David M Bailey my friend, my brain buddie, aka THE DYE HIPPIE FOLK SINGER , HOPE GUY I attached a link to his personal story if you haven’t taken the time to read you need to. DMB “My friend” I met him in 2000 at a NBTF event and after hearing him sing “ONE MORE…

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Kris from TAMPA

Kris is her name and  Tom  was her husband.  I never met Tom in person but I did through Kris.  You see a loved one can always be kept alive in memory if you share their story.  Kris shared his story and Tom is part of the journey.  Caregiver journeys are part of the awareness…

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