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How Can You Help? Donate Stamps and Stickers

In an early blog we mentioned  Red Mtn Highschools Bio Tech club called Stem created a BRAIN TUMOR AWARENESS and fundraiser campaign for us.  We want to open this for Public participation. The Gray Matters foundation is a nonprofit organization created to support and empower brain tumor patients and their loved ones through encouragement and…

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You mean I was not the only one?

Lanette’s Little Bit’s I attended my very first conference in California hosted by the National Brain Tumor Foundation in 2000.  ( NBTF is now NBTS they merged a few years back)  It was a whole weekend filled of information.  I arrived on Friday morning and Friday evening it began.  They had an introduction and explanation…

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My If only for one: Making copies

I haven’t shared my IF ONLY FOR ONE’s in awhile and two days in a row BAM! This story took Place Thursday May 7th 2015. I have to start with a little foreshadowing. I was getting ready for the day and I decided to wear a new top I purchased a few weeks ago. It…

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