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Sheryl Shetsky aka BT DIVA founder of FBTA

  Today is about My friend, my Brain buddie, Sheryl Shetsky AKA BT DIVA.  She is a   survivor of almost 30 years  diagnosed with a CEREBELLUM BRAINSTEMGLIOMA in 1989.  She tells her story best so here is her link and it is a must read. Our friendship began when my husband and I…

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Jack Orler is his name

I met a lady while volunteering on the Pediatric Ride for kids. This was over 15 years now.  She  asked if I spoke to families with adults that had brain tumors.   I said of course and the story began.  She asked if I would reach out to her hair dresser who was just diagnosed…

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You mean I was not the only one?

Lanette’s Little Bit’s I attended my very first conference in California hosted by the National Brain Tumor Foundation in 2000.  ( NBTF is now NBTS they merged a few years back)  It was a whole weekend filled of information.  I arrived on Friday morning and Friday evening it began.  They had an introduction and explanation…

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