in memory of Beth Glassman ( ORIGINALLY POSTED 2008)

There are times in people’s lives when they hit the abyss. When things look so incredibly bleak and you feel that you will never dig yourself out. Last year I faced the abyss and Lanette, with her kindness and love and infectious spirit helped drag me out of the abyss, here is my story.

I met Beth, when I was twenty years old. God blessed us and we fell in love and, while nothing is perfect, we lived the american dream. She was beautiful, kind and knew what was important and mattered. Over 19 years together we had it all. Two beautiful kids, great careers, a nice house that we both fell in love with, and even a great dog. And in a flash it all changed. Beth had a seizure while driving. The seizure turned out to be a glio blastoma (stage four- brain cancer). And the dream suddenly turned into a nightmare. The battle had begun. We faced multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation, target therapy treatment. The side effects were horrific- The cancer caused unbelievable physical and mental damage. Overtime, Beth lost her sight, her speech, her memory– until finally she slipped into a coma and died. I was father of an eight year old girl and a five year old boy. I watched as my wife and the mother of my children deteriorated before my eyes.

As those who have been through it can understand, the hardship is immeasurable. But god blessed us and so many kind and caring people came to our aid. One of those persons was Lanette Veres. She was a shining light in an otherwise desolute black hole. Through her foundation she helped support me and, more importantly, my children. To see the smiles on my kids faces when they received little care packages was priceless. Lanette knew that while Beth was fighting a horrific war with this insidious disease, so too were my children battling this disease. What she provides in hope and kindness is the type of support that is immeasurable. And while Beth passed away earlier this year, her children go on. And Lanette understands that until tumors are no more, that the children who are put through this pain and suffering need- love and support and some kindness. I will never forget the smiles and joy that she brought to my family when I did not know how we were going to get through. But we got through and we have Lanette and people like her to thank.

Dan Glassman