Wear Gray In May!

Hello Brain Buddies,

May is finally here, and this month is so special! As many of you already know, the month of May is officially Brain Tumor Awareness Month. It is a perfect time to come together as a community to bring awareness to something so many still do not know enough about.

Here at the Gray Matters Foundation we are wearing, you guessed it, the color GRAY every day in May. Wearing gray tells the rest of the world that you’re fighting, know someone who is fighting, or you’re dedicated to winning this fight. It shows strength, courage, and most of all, SUPPORT for those people whose lives are or have been affected by brain tumors.

We have a fun contest for the month too! We want to see you sticking your tongue out at tumors. Take a photo showing us that brain tumors STINK, post it to our Facebook page, and win a T-Shirt! All we ask is that you cover the $6 shipping so we can get your shirt to you. We are also limited on sizes, so it is first come, first serve until they are gone! We currently have:

+24 XL
+8 dozen Adult Medium
+6 dozen Youth Medium
+5 dozen Youth Large

Have fun with it- and stick out those tongues at tumors!

Have a story you would like to share? We would love to hear about it! Keep the IF ONLY FOR ONE stories coming too. Kindness matters, not only to those affected with brain tumors, but also to their family and friends. You never know where you are going to meet a fellow Brain Buddie!

Get out there and go gray for May! Look up an event in your area, and wear your gray proudly! There are so many activities during the month of May, not even directly related to brain tumors, but a perfect opportunity to bring awareness and empower someone. If you ever need support or have questions, I am always available to you. Contact me any time at http://graymattersfoundation.com, or on Facebook.

Above all else, Brain Tumors Stink, That’s What We Think!