What Is "It" ?

What is it?

I am often asked “How do you do it?”

I just do.

You see, I don’t even have to ask why I do what I do. When you’re doing it, it is part of your daily life, it just happens. Others will always want to know how, and it’s difficult to explain.  It’s natural, a part of me.  I didn’t train for this, I didn’t plan to begin a non-profit, to help support those in need, to bring them comfort. The cause found me.

If you are reading my blog for the first time, you might be wondering what is ‘it’?   Sometimes I ask myself that very question.   The ‘it’ that people question is never the same for two people, or it could be different day to day.  For instance, recently it was being with a Brain Buddie and her family as she is preparing to leave this life. She didn’t plan this. Her family didn’t plan this!  The ‘it’ was walking into a home filled with heartache but knowing that even if for just a moment If I can share FAITH, HOPE or LOVE then ‘it’ is being accomplished. I pull up to the house praying for guidance on my journey today. I walked in to see my friend in her hospice bed. She was receiving meds so I was able to spend a few minutes with her family.

My ‘it’ was whispering in the ear of my friend what an amazing champ she has been throughout her fight with this brain tumor. I shared how much I love her and more. It was making sure her family knows they are loved and that I am hurting with them. No silly words, nothing from a script, just the real me, a friend to the end!

A friend loves at all times. Although I hate what this disease has done, her memory will not be stolen by the brain tumor. I told her I will keep her story alive and tell other buddies she beat the odds!  She is our champ. It was a tough day but this is what I am called to do.  This is what ‘it’ is. (this was written Tuesday

I love my brain buddies.