Brain Tumor Awareness Month 2016

It’s time to come together for the the next month to make some noise.  As you know we have many in Washington Dc that have HEADED TO THE HILL to represent! Thank you  in advance to all those Brain Buddies who are making a difference and being our voice.  Our mission at The Gray Matters Foundation has  always been to share support not statistics, educate , spread awareness, share hope and creating a smile in the process.  Our participation in #BTAM  will be a daily post called Lanette’s Little Bits.   Our Gray in May  will  be stories of those Lanette has had the pleasure of meeting and why the foundation is what it is today. These stories will include Survivors, Shout outs to the docs that now support our efforts, Caregivers ( oh how the cause has progressed because of our caregivers, spouses and loved ones)  Lanette will share about some of the business relationships that have stepped up to support the cause so we can continue to do what we do.  The next 30 days will be story telling, It will bring to life exactly why BTAM is important to Lanette and so many of those effected by these monsters called brain tumors.  The posts will include her #ifonlyforones #BTAWARENESS from HER  eyes ( a survivor, caregiver, friend and NPO president.)  Of course our month would not be a true #GMFBRAINBUDDIE perspective with out plenty of #tonguesattumor photos please be sure to submit your photos for us to share and we will let the world know what we think #braintumorsstink.    Lastly don’t forget to use your hash tags whenever posting